"The art of Interpretation
is not to play
what is written"
Pau Casals

Miquel Tejada started studying classical piano at the age of 4 in Sabadell, near Barcelona, where he was born. He studied in Sabadell until the age of 11 when he began to study with an international pianists and professors such as Alicia Larrocha, and learning with a great classical artist like Alexander Melnikov or Katia Tchiembertji.

At the age of 14 he started learning modern jazz piano with Joan Díaz at the same time that he was studying his classical studies with Adolf Pla. During this time he played concerts of both styles and he won a classical piano awards such as the International Piano Competition Ricard Viñes, Joan Macià Piano Competition and the Award of Honor of the Conservatory of Sabadell.

At the age of 18, he decided to completely dedicate his life to music composition and investigation on this field. Afterwards he won the 1st Prize of the Film Music competition in the “7th Art Festival” in Barcelona. 

His first music composition was written for a friend’s short-film, Ramón Ruaix, at the age of 13. Since then he kept composing music for short movies and he also began to discover and play in musical theatre: the two fields which have become his job and passion.

At the age of 21 he founded his own music production company with Ivan Rubio, where he learned to produce music and composed the soundtrack for many animated series, documentaries and advertising spots.


Until the present he has composed the original soundtracks for more than 10 international Animated Series, three documentaries, some comercial TV Spots and many short films. 

The music for animation clearly became the field in which Miquel Tejada has worked the most, with tittles appearing like “Telmo and Tula, Little Cooks” colaborating with Disney Iberia - which is on Disney Channel Playhouse right now -  or “Green Light, traffic safety” -winner of  the "ZAPPING” Awards on the category of the best Animated Series of 2011-, and the animation slapstick comedy series "GLUMPERS" which has a complex orchestral scoring, now on many TV channels around the world. 

He also composed the symphonic OST for a new immersive and interactive literature 3.0, A very new concept of interactive reading produced by iClassics Collection.

A part of his experience in the motion pictures music composition, he has also participated in many theatrical productions as a pianist like “Working”, "Fame" or “Bagdad Cafe”. He also worked as a Musical Director in productions like "I love you, you're are perfect... now change" or “RENT” in Barcelona. Miquel Tejada also has played and conducted an other kind of shows such as a literary cabaret during Christmas time for 14 years. 

He composed his own musicals like Fràgil in 2008 and recorded the musical album with some of the most popular musical artists of the country. San Roc in 2012, a symphonic piece. Or Tot el que no ens vam dir, his last theatrical composition.

Perform on stage as a musical director, conductor and piano player, became he's mainly job as well, working on the tour of the very successful show I Ara Què?, performed by him and the popular and renowned Catalan comedian Pep Plaza.

He also played and sang with his friend and very popular theatre musical singer and director Daniel Anglès, on tour with their concert Cançons Inesperades.

He was also the musical director of some international artists like the acclaimed north american composer Scott Allan, conducting his spanish debut, or also the Evita's West End Star Madalena Alberto performing with her in Barcelona and London.

His last work as a musical director and conductor was the Broadway and West End Divas concert in Barcelona last July 2017, with Rachel Tucker, Marisha Wallace, Victoria Hamilton-Barrit and Madalena Alberto with a big symphony orchestra.

He was the Musical Director of FUN HOME in Spain this past 2018, which won the Best Musical for the Critics Awards. And He was also the Musical Director of the spanish production of RENT as well, in Barcelona, and he won the Broadway World Award as a best musical director.

At the present Miquel Tejada is working on OST for an international animation series, produced by OuO Time and Baby Tv.

And performing everynight in the spanish production of the musical GHOST, in Madrid.

He's also the musical supervisor of the new original musical based on the international animated series  Miraculous LADYBUG.​

Picture by David del Val

© 2019 by Miquel Tejada

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